Why Is SEO Important

Hello everyone, today we have a very special topic to cover that all of you wanting to make money online definitely need to know about. This is “SEO”, or search engine optimization. Some people ask why is SOE important? The answer is traffic, this is an aspect that controls whether a website sees success or failed. This is the process of improving your rank within the search engine. SEO is by far the most effective means of making more money on the internet. When you improve your rank in the search engines you get much more organic traffic as well as a better readability within your site. This means more people view your website and it is easier for them to read and understand what they are seeing. By improving how high your site ranks with SEO you may even be able to achieve the top link when someone performs a search. The question of why is SEO important is something we are seeing more and more for those beginning to venture out into the online marketing world.

There are a few methods that can help you to achieve this, the most common way is to choose good keywords. This is going to enable more individuals to see your website by searching the keywords that you have chosen. When the results show up they are shown according to the keywords that were used in the initial search. Google and other search engines use an algorithm to find the most relevant results for the keywords used. This makes the use of relevant keywords a very important aspect when it comes to your SEO. With blogs and other websites that are mostly information-based, this is a great way to gain views and in turn, earn you revenue if you are an advertisement publisher. It is also a wonderful way to get more people to your website where you offer goods or services. However, you choose to earn money SEO has become a must have in all areas of internet-based business.

There are some platforms that let you adjust your SEO manually such as WordPress and Blogger. By setting keywords and editing the description of your page you can greatly improve your internet success. If this sounds like too much work for you that’s fine as well. There are many programs out there today and most of them are free. The one I choose to use for my WordPress websites is called Yoast SEO. This is a great plugin that will walk you step-by-step, showing you how you can improve both SEO and your readability. I provided a link above to take you to their website if this program interests you. This is the one program that I would recommend for your WordPress sites. Here is a link to my WordPress website if you would like to see how this looks and helps with my SEO, http://whimsywellness.com/.

If you use Blogger, in this paragraph I will leave a great video to help you improve your SEO as well.  Blogger is a great platform that I personally use as well if you would like to see how I structure my blogs using this platform click here – click here. These are two examples along with the one you are seeing here that I use and work great for me.

There are many other methods that can be used in order to improve your ranking. This is a good starter for you if you are new to the work from home style of working, I will be posting more about this topic later this month so check back for further information.

How to Make Money With YouTube

With this post, we will show you how to make money with YouTube. This is one of my favorite topics for this website. I use YouTube every day and it has made me money with my career as an internet business professional. This is the list of things you must have to start out and create a channel:

  1. A Google/Gmail Account
  2. An Adsense Account
  3. Youtube Channel
  4. Niche

Having a Google account is the first step because you need this to set up AdSense and your YouTube channel. Once you have gone through and set up an account on all three platforms you must then link your AdSense to your YouTube. This is the first step in beginning to make money with YouTube.

The next thing you must have is a niche. A niche is a subject that you are knowledgeable about and have a passion for. If you enjoy the topic or foundation of the content you are going to be producing you will make better videos and make videos more often (increasing your chance for revenue). For example, if you have something you are good at and like doing making videos on how to teach someone else this skill or trade is a highly marketable asset. By doing this and displaying ads on the videos you produce you will start to earn as your views increase.

Once you have begun to make videos and have already got your AdSense account working with your YouTube channel, you can start to do other things to make money with this platform. If you have goods or services there is no better way to either promote them or display them in general than using videos. While you earn some passive income using Google AdSense you can promote your business or marketable products/goods through the use of your YouTube channel. There are some individuals making over six figures just with YouTube videos alone, so if you think this may be fun for you there is no time like now to try this out. Once you have it up and going share your new videos to your social media platforms, there is no better way to get more views than using this method. Lastly, search for good keywords and use them to help increase your amount of views as well.

Once you have your YouTube channel up and running share your new videos to your social media platforms. There is no better way to get more views than using this method. Lastly, search for good keywords and use them to help increase your amount of views as well. Making money with YouTube is possible and quite simple.

To see a working model of a channel that earns me money each month click here.