How To Get Free Media For Your Websites

Today we will talk about how to get free media for your websites. This can be done a few ways the ways we will share with you are the easiest and the safest. People know that having good media is a key to keeping your users engaged with your content.

How To Get Free Media For Your Websites
How To Get Free Media For Your Websites

By finding the best media for your websites this shows that you take the time to produce grade A content.

Some of the websites we will tell you about will allow you to download images for free and are free to use.

Something to pay close attention to is whether or not the images you want to use are legal to use or not. You can find this information on creative commons.

The first website is called Pixabay, this is a great website for free stock images to add into your content. The next one is Bigstock, this is a paid platform that offers great stock footage and images. The next way to find free images is to use Google images. You must be sure to go to tools and change the usage rights to labeled for reuse and modification to ensure that you can use them and be in the clear.

Make your blog great

You will also want to edit your media carefully making it more useful to the user. This means adding links, captions, and alternative text to help the user understand what the media is all about.

This is a great thing to get familiar with for blogs and even writing books. It is also useful for those of you who make videos for your YouTube channel and other platforms.

By using better media and editing it to make it really pop you will see that your viewers will be more engaged with your content. For a great example of one of our websites that use this type of media check out Whimsy Wellness.

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