Pinterest For Traffic


Using Pinterest for traffic is becoming one of the best tools used for internet marketing. We have all seen Pinterest these days, it is truly an awesome platform using highly visual content to convey messages.

Today we are beginning to understand Pinterest is so much more than a social network, it is a very powerful search engine. It uses keywords just like Google does to show us results.By linking our websites to our pins we can drive a huge amount of traffic from this very powerful search engine and generate income. If you use Pinterest to lead users to your website then you have the opportunity to either make a sale or generate ad revenue. This along with some key SEO methods I use work to earn me money every day.

Success is your goal

By creating good pins that lead back to your website you will see a huge influx of organic traffic. We would all like to succeed in this way, however, the only ones who will are the ones who put in the work. This means building pins, following people, commenting, and pinning to your boards.

By doing these things you will build an audience and have more and more people seeing your content. Spending a little time each day on Pinterest doing this can make all the difference in the world for you.

Working comfortably from your home office

By starting a website you are no doubt interested in building a good audience. By using this powerful tool you can do just that.

No matter if you are trying to earn ad revenue or have products you own to market this will help.

I have quit nearly every job I have had in my life, the leading cause of this is not that I am lazy by no means. I realize the amount of work I am putting in and what I take away from these jobs. At anyone of them, I would produce at least half of my weekly pay in one day. So why was I bring home so little and struggling? Well, the answer is clear to me now, the companies I worked for had to turn a profit. This is the goal of any company sure but I felt like what I got for my hard work never met what I was putting in.

Pin It & Share It

With what I do now I am rich by no means, however, I earn money online while having more time with my family.

Pinterest has proven to be a highly lucrative asset for me and my work. By pinning lots of things and creating lots of pins I have been able to nearly double my organic traffic quickly. This is how I make money.

Since I began using Pinterest for traffic I started to notice how good of a tool I had and knew instantly that I needed to learn as much as I could.

Spending countless hours watching videos and reading articles about using Pinterest for traffic I finally learned the key step in really making business boom. Social media management has been a huge part of my work and has proven to be useful.

So use this platform and just be diligent in making pins and interacting with it. You will see that my linking lots of pins to your website you will see an increase and that means money. Using Pinterest for traffic works plain and simple, using Pinterest for traffic is quick.

Garner L. Meredith

Displaying Advertisements To Generate Revenue

displaying advertisements to generate revenue
Working your way up to a comfortable financial situation starts by taking the first step.

Displaying advertisements to generate revenue! This may sound too good to be true, whoever it isn’t.  For today’s topic, we will share some information on displaying advertisements on your websites and applications to generate you some passive revenue. We have all heard of Google Adsense, this is the most popular advertisement program in today’s market. There are other programs like this as well that offer you payments for the placements of ads. If you have built a good sized audience this can be a potentially high earner for you. Some of the most common advertisement programs used today include  Google Adsense,, and Propeller ads.

The next way to make some passive income with your application or website is to join an affiliate program. These are much like the programs we mentioned above, however, they have potential to earn you more via commissions. These programs pay you a percentage of sales opposed to paying for the placement itself. There are some programs that pay for the placement too. Ther usually pay for a 7-day placement to a 3-month placement plus any commission on products sold. The most common affiliate programs used today are Amazon Affiliate, CJ Affiliate, and Teespring.

One of the great things about these programs is if you place the ads with care and do not over load your viewers you can utilize both of these programs with one platform. You want to make sure that the ads you place on website or application directly related to the content you present. This will allow you to optimize the amount of interaction your ads get.

It is very important to optimize your sites and applications using SEO this will allow you to get more traffic and views. You also want to share new content on social media to ensure as many people see it as possible. By using good social media management techniques you will drive even more traffic to your website.

The last way to use advertisements to your advantage is to go to a website such as Google AdWords and create a paid advertisement to get more people seeing your content. This falls under the “spend money to make money” method and can be very useful for someone who has a good foundation already. What we mean by the foundation is someone who is established and has built their brand,  once you have these key points in place paid advertisements can boost your traffic greatly.

Let’s get you started today with displaying advertisements generate revenue

For more information or any questions about displaying advertisements to generate revenue feel free to send me an E-mail at the link at the top of this page. I will be happy to offer any and all help to help you start today. Displaying advertisements to generate revenue for those serious about building a good audience and are in this for the long haul.

Garner L. Meredith

Good SEO Techniques

SEO solutions for everyone

In this article, we will share with you some of the best ways to get your websites ranking higher within the search engines. This can be done by using good SEO techniques that will show your users that you are dedicated to making their experience the best possible. You want your users to return time and time again. You also want as much organic traffic as you can generate. Here are a few things you can do to start seeing results and stay away from being penalized by the search engines.

The top Good SEO Techniques include:

  • Create good keywords that directly
    pertain to the content of the page or post.
  • Study up on the guidelines that you must comply with to ensure you are not penalized. For more information click here.
  • Create captivating meta tags to get people interested in your content
  • Use your own images or ones that are free for commercial use and modification. For more information click here.
  • Do not overly use the keywords you choose, but place them enough to have the proper keyword density.

By using these good SEO techniques you will be able to reach higher numbers. More numbers from good SEO means more money. These are considered to be some of the best techniques to help you improve your rank within the search engines. There are some great services out there today to help you do this here is one service.

You can also choose to download a program that deals directly with SEO and allows you to make these adjustments on your own. The most popular one that even has a WordPress plugin is called Yoast SEO.

Either way, you decide to go with them for your SEO needs you will realize that you are getting higher numbers just looking at your analytics.

For further information check this website for a later post of White Hat vs Black Hat techniques.

Creating A WordPress Website

Creating a professional website

Garner L. Meredith

How to create a WordPress website

The website you are seeing today was created on WordPress, most of the websites created online these are made on WordPress. With that said today I want to give you the information you will need to create a great website for any niche.

The first thing you will want to get is a domain name and web hosting. You can pick these up at Host Gator for pretty cheap. You can get started for around 10-20 dollars total. This will give you the tools used by most professional website creators today. Once you have a domain and your web hosting purchased, you need to install WordPress on your Host Gator account.

Once you have the WordPress dashboard pulled up you will want to clear out any post it comes with. You want to start with all unique content and keep posting regularly. Use good images that are either free to use or you own. You also want to add alternative text and other attributes to each image. This is done by clicking edit on the image.

Next, you will want to add the two most important plugins you will have, Yoast SEO and WP Super Cache. Yoast is a plugin that allows you to make SEO adjustments to each post, page, and category. WP Super Cache helps your page to load much faster. Both of these plugins greatly improve user experience and that’s what you want.


No matter if you want to create a simple blog or an E-commerce store or both, WordPress has one of the best set of tools to make this happen for you. You can choose to add loads of content and make money with this website if that is your goal. You can make a website for any reason whether it be for gaining awareness for a cause or just to have a personal blog. Creating a WordPress website is fast and easy for any questions or help feel free to contact me using the contact form at the top of this page.

Becoming A Stock Image And Footage Contributor

Becoming A Stock Image And Footage Contributor is a great way to earn some money doing what you love. Hello, everyone, I hope you are all having a great day. Today we will talk about becoming a contributor for the some of the major distributing websites online today. With that said, you know to be taking tons of pictures that you think other people would like to use on their work. When we think of using images off the internet for our blog or other work we think of having to download them and make sure they are free, and this is a great way to get images. However, there are less to choose from when going about it this way. This is where it helps to buy professional images from a stock photography site. Some of the ones you may have already heard of that allow you to either pay for an account or buy each image separately include BigstockShutterstock, and iStock photos.

Becoming A Stock Image And Footage Contributor
Becoming A Stock Image And Footage Contributor

This can be a great way for you to earn some extra money at home if you are one of those people who enjoy taking pictures. This is also a great way for you to cash in on any design skills you may have. Lots of people that use designing software to create great graphics can post their work on platforms like these and start making money. This, however, is not a get rich method, but it can earn you passive income the more you work with it. There is some level of effort that you must put into this type of work, but just like anything else, it will return what you put in. Creating good tags and keywords are essential to helping more people see your images when they make a specific search to find what they need. With that said, take your time and put at least ten very relevant keywords to ensure that people see your work. This is an easy marketing strategy that is known across the web as SEO (search engine optimization) so be sure to put your best work into creating good keywords.

Becoming A Stock Image And Footage Contributor
Becoming A Stock Image And Footage Contributor

Becoming A Stock Image And Footage Contributor means using many different platforms to market your work. In this part of this article, we will share with you some of the best ones to do so. Some of the platforms like these require you to apply, meaning you will need some sample work to send in for review. Based on the samples you send them they will either approve or deny your application so taking your time and choosing some of your best work is your greatest bet at getting accepted. Another key tip for helping you become successful with all your photography ventures is to stick to what you love. If you are patient about the things you are working on they will be higher quality and you will enjoy your work more so than if you are just doing it for the money. When it comes to photography try to photograph things you enjoy and like to take pictures of as this will increase your success.

Here are some links to some of our portfolios. Shutterstock 

Bigstock These are here to show you some of the work we have done with these sites and have proven them to work, we hope this helps you and we hope you enjoy.

Social Media Management For Your Business

Hello everyone today I will share some things with you to help you become more successful online no matter what niche you operate in. Today we will talk about social media and why this is such an important aspect of how much traffic you see on your monetized platforms. For example, if you have an online shop that where you offer goods or services then you know having more people see your products means more sales and more revenue generated for you. Social media management is something to closely pay attention to for the sake of your business. 


Social media managment will bring you much more traffic to your website than if you operate with out, Facebook has proven to be one of the best platforms for this. The use of Facebook is something that most people around the world are very similar with. You can use this platform to enhance your amount of organic traffic to your website as well as showing various offers you may have at the time. This allows you to show a large number of people something at once. The use of social media marketing has totally revolutionized the way people market.


Pinterest is a highly effective platform to help you have more marketing success. Pinterest operates in a way that makes it easy to make all of your shared content or pins highly visual. This allows people to see things that interest them and follow the link to your website where you can either make a sale or display ads for money. Either way, you choose to go you make money and more of it using social media to increase your traffic. Like we mentioned earlier in this article has an online shop to market your goods or services is a great way of using the modern tool that is the internet to generate sales. You can also run a blog where you display ads using either Google AdSense or another add program. This will allow you to offer free information to everyone and be paid for the advertisements you see on the website. Much like this one you see here today.


Twitter is a great choice in social media as well to use to get the increase in potential sales and traffic you need to meet the goals you have for your online operations. Twitter has many users with lots of potentials to help you see the drive you need to get those numbers up. A lot of people use twitter for this reason alone and have found that it works well for this purpose.


Now everyone knows about YouTube, what most people do not know about this platform is that it links directly Google AdSenese. This means by producing content you can monetize each unique video you produce and be making money with each view you receive.  Having a YouTube channel can also promote your products and services in a great way allowing you to show people how your products work, these are some of the many reasons that YouTube is a huge part of online marketing.

I hope this helps everyone who is starting out in the work from home journey to better understand how important good social media is and how it can help you become more successful.

Feel free to check out my accounts to see how you can use my information to help you:

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Why Is SEO Important

Hello everyone, today we have a very special topic to cover that all of you wanting to make money online definitely need to know about. This is “SEO”, or search engine optimization. Some people ask why is SOE important? The answer is traffic, this is an aspect that controls whether a website sees success or failed. This is the process of improving your rank within the search engine. SEO is by far the most effective means of making more money on the internet. When you improve your rank in the search engines you get much more organic traffic as well as a better readability within your site. This means more people view your website and it is easier for them to read and understand what they are seeing. By improving how high your site ranks with SEO you may even be able to achieve the top link when someone performs a search. The question of why is SEO important is something we are seeing more and more for those beginning to venture out into the online marketing world.

There are a few methods that can help you to achieve this, the most common way is to choose good keywords. This is going to enable more individuals to see your website by searching the keywords that you have chosen. When the results show up they are shown according to the keywords that were used in the initial search. Google and other search engines use an algorithm to find the most relevant results for the keywords used. This makes the use of relevant keywords a very important aspect when it comes to your SEO. With blogs and other websites that are mostly information-based, this is a great way to gain views and in turn, earn you revenue if you are an advertisement publisher. It is also a wonderful way to get more people to your website where you offer goods or services. However, you choose to earn money SEO has become a must have in all areas of internet-based business.

There are some platforms that let you adjust your SEO manually such as WordPress and Blogger. By setting keywords and editing the description of your page you can greatly improve your internet success. If this sounds like too much work for you that’s fine as well. There are many programs out there today and most of them are free. The one I choose to use for my WordPress websites is called Yoast SEO. This is a great plugin that will walk you step-by-step, showing you how you can improve both SEO and your readability. I provided a link above to take you to their website if this program interests you. This is the one program that I would recommend for your WordPress sites. Here is a link to my WordPress website if you would like to see how this looks and helps with my SEO,

If you use Blogger, in this paragraph I will leave a great video to help you improve your SEO as well.  Blogger is a great platform that I personally use as well if you would like to see how I structure my blogs using this platform click here – click here. These are two examples along with the one you are seeing here that I use and work great for me.

There are many other methods that can be used in order to improve your ranking. This is a good starter for you if you are new to the work from home style of working, I will be posting more about this topic later this month so check back for further information.

How to Make Money With YouTube

With this post, we will show you how to make money with YouTube. This is one of my favorite topics for this website. I use YouTube every day and it has made me money with my career as an internet business professional. This is the list of things you must have to start out and create a channel:

  1. A Google/Gmail Account
  2. An Adsense Account
  3. Youtube Channel
  4. Niche

Having a Google account is the first step because you need this to set up AdSense and your YouTube channel. Once you have gone through and set up an account on all three platforms you must then link your AdSense to your YouTube. This is the first step in beginning to make money with YouTube.

The next thing you must have is a niche. A niche is a subject that you are knowledgeable about and have a passion for. If you enjoy the topic or foundation of the content you are going to be producing you will make better videos and make videos more often (increasing your chance for revenue). For example, if you have something you are good at and like doing making videos on how to teach someone else this skill or trade is a highly marketable asset. By doing this and displaying ads on the videos you produce you will start to earn as your views increase.

Once you have begun to make videos and have already got your AdSense account working with your YouTube channel, you can start to do other things to make money with this platform. If you have goods or services there is no better way to either promote them or display them in general than using videos. While you earn some passive income using Google AdSense you can promote your business or marketable products/goods through the use of your YouTube channel. There are some individuals making over six figures just with YouTube videos alone, so if you think this may be fun for you there is no time like now to try this out. Once you have it up and going share your new videos to your social media platforms, there is no better way to get more views than using this method. Lastly, search for good keywords and use them to help increase your amount of views as well.

Once you have your YouTube channel up and running share your new videos to your social media platforms. There is no better way to get more views than using this method. Lastly, search for good keywords and use them to help increase your amount of views as well. Making money with YouTube is possible and quite simple.

To see a working model of a channel that earns me money each month click here.

How To Write Articles For Money

Today we will talk about how to write articles for money and generate a good income in doing so. There are a few different ways to go about this with many platforms that can work for you. In this post, we will focus on one particular website called This is a fully working site to write articles and receive pay each week.  I will post a video below to help you learn how to create a profile and begin working with Textbroker right away.

I have used this website myself and I enjoy the way it is set up. Writing is not for everyone but for those who do enjoy it or can at least write well, you can earn good money doing so.

Below is a list of the items you will need in order to get set up with Textbroker:

  1.  Valid ID
  2. Email Address
  3. PayPal Account

This is all you will need to create a working account with Textbroker in order to start writing to make some money this week (Keep in mind that you will need to send in a writing sample that will set your rating within the site). Once your account is made you will have to fill out your tax information and mail it in. They do not accept electronic signatures so you will need to print these forms out and mail them to Textbroker.

Once you have this completed then you can write articles for money and generate an income quickly. You can make your own schedule, and work as much or as little as you like.  what I will do a lot of the time is open up a blank Google document. This allows me to use a voice recognition system I have installed. This makes it easier for me to get content quicker and make me more money. There are also some great sites that allow you to make articles out of what you say into the microphone so check this out if typing is the only thing keeping you from working from home.

Not everyone enjoys typing, which is fine. What I will do a lot of the time is open up a blank Google document. This allows me to use a voice recognition system I have installed on my computer, and rather than type my articles out, I will simply speak them out, copy and paste them in, and send them through to the client. This makes it easier for me to get content sent out faster and make me more money in a shorter period of time.

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